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Psidium Guajava is a scientific name for the common guava which is a yellow or lemon guava. Guava is an evergreen shrub or tree which native to the Caribbean, Central America and South America, though some botanists claim the native distribution is not clearly known. Pollination is mainly done by bees as they collect pollen from the flowers. The leaves of guava contains polyphenols, flavonoids and carotenoids, which makes them be used to treat a number of diseases and conditions.

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The leaves contains the following oils:
Nerolidiol, Caryophyllene, Beta bisabolene, P – selinene, Aromandreno, 10% tannins, Beta sitosterol, Leucocyanidins, Titerpenoides.

Due to the above mentioned oils, guava leaves provides Antioxidants, balances Blood Sugar Levels, lowers Cholesterol and help weight loss.

Treats Diarrhea
Helps fight Gastric Cancer
Helps cure dengue fever
Helps fight Prostate cancer